Event check-in

The first impression has a significant impact on guests' overall experience. Attendu's check-ins ensure a smooth entry without queues.

Smart guest

Guests are checked-in by scanning their QR ticket or simply by typing in their name. Unregistered guests can be added to the list directly from the app.

and custom fields

Hostesses can see whether guest will arrive alone or with plus-ones. You can also add custom fields to guest details, such as seat numbers. Everything important is in one place.

Badge printing

At conferences, Attendu simplifies the cumbersome process of finding badges by printing them in real-time during guest check-in. Badge printing dramatically shortens the entire accreditation process.

across devices

All used devices get automatically synchronized. You can continuously monitor information about recently arrived guests or find out how many guests are still expected to come.

Check-In zones

If you want to perform additional check-ins inside the venue (e.g. lounges or halls), you can use the check-in zones. You can easily define which guests will have access to each zone and start the check-in process.

Attendu check-in app

The application is available in the App Store and Google Play for all kinds of devices.

Seamless event flow

Queue minimization

Both guests and hostesses will appreciate the smooth check-in process.

Mobile assistant

Real-time guest arrival information also turns the app into a helpful tool for organizers.